A Revolution in Meetings.

The IML Connector brings you a never-before seen level of interactive audience engagement. This all-in-one, handheld device enables participants to fully interact and contribute to the content and outcome of your meeting.

Wireless Microphone

Hear every voice - without the wait

The IML Connector puts a high quality microphone in the hands of each attendee, letting people immediately share their comments or ask questions directly from their seats. It also features a queuing system, where audience members wait in a virtual queue for their turn to speak.

The IML microphones are incredibly simple to use. The person wishing to speak simply activates the microphone with the click of a button and talks into the IML Connector just like a handheld microphone.

Portable microphones can be activated instantly to facilitate live audio feedback from your audience, enhancing your Q&A sessions and debates and avoiding the hassle of a roving microphone.


Share opinion. Inspire thought.

The audience can text in questions or comments using the full text QWERTY keyboard, which can be displayed on a monitor in front of you (or the audience), allowing you to capture thoughts, respond to questions and steer the discussion in the direction of audience interests. The QWERTY keypad is intuitive and very easy to use, even for first time users of the IML Connector.

Portable PA

Like a thousand tiny voices

Each IML Connector has a built-in speaker, enabling the devices to be used as a distributed PA system. It also reinforces participants' hearing while other audience members are speaking into the IML Connector's microphone.

The speaker is small and discreet, making it easy to hold throughout a conference and it drastically reduces the set up time required for a sound reinforcement system.

Multiple Audio Channels

Listening in on multiple possibilities

Use the IML Connector's multiple audio channels to record important meeting conversations or as a tool to assist the hearing impaired. It can also be used to play different streams of audio, allowing users to select which one to listen to.

Enhanced Voting Solutions

When every vote matters

Ask the audience questions in a wide variety of formats, including multiple choice, value, rating, prioritisation, text response, XY matrix and resolution voting. Receive greater audience participation and honesty through anonymity or track individuals' responses via smartcards - perfect for auditing, training and certification.

Individual Data Tracking

Know exactly who said what

IML's smartcards provide a simple and efficient way to identify and track individual's responses. 100% accurate and secure, smartcards are personal ID cards that automatically link audience members to their keypad activity.

Individuals simply insert their smartcard into the IML Connector and the system will automatically identify their responses.

Colour Screen

Digital signage in the palm of your hand

The IML Connector has a full color screen. Its brightness and precision produce a consistent high quality image. Use the full colour screen to enhance branding and sponsorship, like handheld digital signage. It can also display agendas, speaker biographies and other relevant information.

Imagine the possibilities of the presenter being able to control the content of a color screen in the hands of each participant at your event.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Pick your language

As a receiver for simultaneous interpretation, users can select their language and hear the audio spoken by an interpreter. This provides a simultaneous translation through the conference equipment, ensuring that everyone feels included and encouraging greater interaction and participation.

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